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Food Smarts

Join Nutrition Consultant and Food Literacy Coach Kirsten Serrano of Small Wonder Food and Amie Mullikin as we talk about all things food. The focus is on helping people gain energy, focus, productivity, and health by using the power of food to nourish themselves. We also talk about a wide variety of food literacy topics---from raising your own food to food's intersection with culture and politics. Whether you are just curious about better nutrition or have some serious chronic/autoimmune issues, we have something for you.
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Aug 30, 2019

Kirsten interviews Evan Rocheford, CEO and co-founder of Torbert's Orange Corn.  Torbert's Orange Corn, developed by Professor Torbert Rocheford at Purdue, is a non-GMO, biofortified, and yes, orange, corn.  Evan tells us why it was originally developed as well as why orange corn means a major nutrition boost.  Evan...

Aug 15, 2019

Kirsten and Melissa discuss Pig Tales by Barry Estabrook.  Estabrook writes engagingly on all things porcine.  Beginning with an in-depth look at the very prevalent wild hogs in the US, Estabrook then turns to how we farm pigs for meat.  This is the book to read if you want to understand the moral, environmental,...

Aug 8, 2019

Kirsten and Melissa discuss the 5th book of the Food Literacy Book Club--Death By Food Pyramid: How Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics and Shady Special Interests Have Ruined Our Health by Denise Minger.  Unlike the other books in the club that have focused on food production, this title expertly addresses how the Food...