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Food Smarts

Join Nutrition Consultant, Food Literacy Coach, Best-Selling Author, Regenerative Farmer, and Restaurateur Kirsten Serrano for a discussion of all things food. The focus is on helping you Get Food Wise to Thrive. Regain energy, focus, and productivity by using the power of food! Whether you are just curious about better nutrition or have some serious chronic/autoimmune issues, Food Smarts has something for you.
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Oct 26, 2020

What happens to a restaurant in a pandemic? We have all heard the alarming predictions that 30-to even 75% of privately owned restaurants will close permanently due to the virus. Restaurants employ over 15 million in the United States and have created a whole sector of industries that support them.  Restaurants that have survived so far are now going into fall and winter which will likely be the biggest challenge yet. Kirsten details how her family is running their restaurant in a pandemic. So far (fingers crossed), it's working.