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Food Smarts

Join Nutrition Consultant and Food Literacy Coach Kirsten Serrano of Small Wonder Food and Amie Mullikin as we talk about all things food. The focus is on helping people gain energy, focus, productivity, and health by using the power of food to nourish themselves. We also talk about a wide variety of food literacy topics---from raising your own food to food's intersection with culture and politics. Whether you are just curious about better nutrition or have some serious chronic/autoimmune issues, we have something for you.
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Mar 12, 2020

Kirsten explains how inflammation in your brain triggers everything from your bad mood and brain fog to serious psychiatric disorders and dementia.  The all-important takeaway is that your body's "Inflammation Highway" starts with what you eat.  Kirsten discusses her own health crash and the brain fog and nervous breakdown that came with it. This is ground-breaking information. Don't miss out.